Congratulations! Lil Xan & His GF Have A Baby On The Way! [VIDEO]

Rapper Lil Xan performs at The Underground on October 21

Photo credit – Jeff Hahne/Getty Images


Lil Xan is SUPER excited to be a new dad. He’s so filled with joy that he broke the news to the world after finding out his girlfriend is 5 weeks along.

People usually wait until the first trimester is over to tell their friends and family but Lil Xan couldn’t hold it in. He’s only 22 years old but is ready for fatherhood. 

Lil Xan’s lady, Annie Smith took an at home pregnancy test and they were both ecstatic when they heard the news. They were trying to have a baby and have big hopes that the lil peanut is a boy!

Congratulations to them both!

Take a look at Lil Xan talking about it:…