DaBaby Responds To Viral Grandma Who Called Him Ugly: ‘Damn’

photo credit: YES Market Media / Shutterstock.com

DaBaby had a hilarious react to a grandma who went viral after.

A new TikTok trend has taken over the internet, there have been a few viral videos of people making their grandparents rate rappers by their looks.

One woman’s grandmother shared her truth as she seemingly didn’t like any of the rappers that came into the picture, except for Uncle Snoop, of course.  The grandmother rates Rod Wave a 1/10, Lil Durk a 0/10, and Lil Baby a 5/10 for his dimples, and  DaBaby and Snoop had some words of their own for the video.

“Granny Rated,” said Snoop, reposting the video, as she rated him a 15/10.  DaBaby receive a score of 1/10, which prompted him to respond in the comments. “Damn gma,” he wrote. “Yeen got no love for baby?”

Too funny! Watch the video above.