Dame Dash Addresses Nas And Jay-Z’s Beef, Says Jay’s Apology Made Roc-A-Fella Look ‘Crazy’

Dame Dash speaks on the historic beef that happened between Jay-Z and Dame Dash.

During a recent interview on The CEO show- Dame Dash also shares his thoughts on Jay-Z apologizing to Nas following the beef.

He says of the beef, “I was in shock but I was happy. I wasn’t hurt,” he said. “I’ma tell you right now what happened. I was hyped that he said my name but also I knew what homie was doing and I thought it was a distraction. I’m like, ‘This is bubblegum sh*t.’

He continues, “I go to do a f*cking Rocawear campaign in Arizona, with Freeway I think, he was there. I land and this dumb sh*t is on the radio and we took an L because he got in this man’s emotions” refering to Jay-Z apologizing to Nas on HOT 97 back in 2001.

“When he apologized and sh*t, I was like, ‘No!’” he said. “I was hitting him from the thing like, ‘Get off the radio! We looking crazy!’ And Irv did that sh*t. A Queens n-gga, he gave him — pause — the banana in the tailpipe. That was a Queens thing — he didn’t even see that. Yo Irv, stay out my business.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Dash speaks on Nas’ evolution. “Yo, I f*ck with Nas. I think he’s one of the cooler ones. You see how cool somebody is when they’re older. It’s easy to be cool when you 21. Like, reckless — you supposed to be that. But sometimes after 30, you don’t change your jeans and your cut is different and you start to get corny and you don’t even know it.”

“I think he’s evolved well,” he said. “I never look at him and think he’s, like, some place he shouldn’t be. I look at the investments and the things that he does and then he says my name sometimes … He’s one of the dudes that I consider straight vinyl. Pure hip-hop, unadulterated. I haven’t seen him do nothing corny so I have a respect for him.”Take a look below.