DAMN: Chris Brown Sued By Dancer Over Eye Injury While On Set!

 Chris Brown performs at the Smoothie King Center on August 28

Photo credit – Josh Brasted/Getty Images

One of Chris Brown’s backup dancers is suing him!

According to a report, in 2017 a dancer name Danielle Griffin got hurt while on set for “High End,” where the visual was a remake of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.

In one of the scenes, Griffen had a fake blood scene and a wardrobe assistant poured a fake liquid blood substance on her head with no eye protection, according to The Jasmine Brand. Shortly after, Griffin’s eye became extremely puffy, swollen, and oozed a green discharge.

The wardrobe assistant assured Griffin that the substance was safe but it clearly wasn’t. Griffen was treated by three different hospitals within 24-hours. 

She’s also suing because the I jury resulted in her not being able to work and missing out on her master’s program. It’s unclear how much she’s suing for.

Take a look at the video, things get pretty intense: