DAMN! Did Cameras Catch Ray J Getting Flirty With Another Woman?

OCTOBER 24: Ray J is seen on October 24

Photo credit – OGUT/Star Max/GC Images/GettyImages

Oh boy!

Ray J was spotted on camera with another woman and it doesn’t look good.

In the footage, a woman is seen walking up to Ray J and the unidentified lady says “c’mon babe” and Ray J can be heard in the background saying “not right now.” It also sounds like he said “hop on the other side,” but might have noticed the cameras there and stopped talking. 

Take a look:

Last month, Ray J’s wife Princess claimed he left her and their 8-month baby stranded in Vegas, while she’s 8-months pregnant with their second child. We covered the story, it sparked divorce talk from Princess, however, Ray J claims he’s a family man. Princess also claims that Ray J left his family to be with strippers and escorts. 

Hopefully, he has a valid explanation for the video!