DaniLeigh’s Brother Says He Wasn’t looking At Her In A ‘Sexual Way’ After Video Goes Viral

(Photo by Arnold Turner/Getty Images for Universal Music Group)

Brandon Bills is clapping back after a video with his sister, DaniLeigh, goes viral.

Brandon and DaniLeigh danced together playfully in a recent TikTok video. The video reached thousands and thousands of views, and warranted some mixed opinions. One fan commented, “this gave couple vibes. Not siblings..” and another, “well this is weird..”

Brandon jumped online to send a message to those who felt the video was “weird.” He says, “honestly – like, that’s my sister. I see y’all tryna’ break that bond, but y’all can’t break it. At the end of the day, my whole family dances like that.” After the video, fans comes to the siblings defense- one fan comments, Yea I think people took it and interpreted in a malicious way..” and another, “All Ima say is Everything doesn’t need to be posted on the internet..”