DatPiff Responds To Rumors That The Platform Is Shutting Down

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DatPiff sent social media into a frenzy after it was reportedly announced the infamous mixtape platform was shutting down for good.

A hip-hop platform shared yesterday that “the development and support for the website and app ended sometime back in 2020,” and that datpiff.com “no longer responds.”

“RIP Datpiff — who probably has the most important archive of music from the past 10-15 years anywhere on the internet. It was a bridge between the blog era and the streaming era — and a hub for projects that will never see the light of day on DSPs. Thank you for your service..” tweeted one fan following the announcement.

The news began to trend on Twitter, causing the platform to respond to the rumors. “Despite the rumors, we are happy to report that we will still be supplying you with all the mixtapes you love. We’re working through technical issues on our site and app, but still actively update our YouTube! Thanks for all the love and concerns but we promise, we are still here.”