Dave Chappelle Got Pressed By R. Kelly’s “Goons” Over His Famous Comedy Skit [VIDEO]

dave chapels on stage

Photo credit –  Kevin Winter/Getty Images


One of Dave Chappelle’s 2003 comedy skits almost got him into some beef!

During Chappelle’s skit, he made jokes about an alleged sex tape where R. Kelly is peeing on a 14-year-old girl. One of his jokes included, “said your body, your body is a port-o-potty.”

Robert Kelly was not too pleased when he found out. In fact, R. Kelly’s goons allegedly stepped to the comedian about it and the singer was ready to throw some punches! According to TMZ, things didn’t get physical. 

Dave Chappelle had a comedy show earlier this week and spoke about the experience to his audience. Reported on TMZ, Dave was telling the crowd what happened when R. Kelly confronted him and he said,

“How are you gonna do the video of me peeing on (girls) like that?” Chappelle said, ‘How you gonna do the video? Take a look at the video here: