DDG & Halle Bailey Overjoyed as Baby Halo Utters First Words

DDG and Halle Bailey seem to be enjoying their roles as new parents to the fullest. In a YouTube video posted on Monday, March 25th, the rapper filmed their son, Halo, as he spoke his first words.

In the video, DDG could be heard repeating “dada,” a simplified version of “daddy,” multiple times, encouraging Halo to mimic the sounds. After a few attempts, Halo successfully echoed his father and said, “Dada.”

The couple’s reaction was one of sheer delight and amazement. DDG, a Michigan native, exclaimed, “He said it!” in response to their son’s achievement.

The footage captures a sequence of touching moments between the new parents and their son, which they have been sharing on social media but have still kept his physical identity a seceret.

These posts reveal the deep love and happiness they experience as a family and as new parents. Halo’s arrival was officially announced in January, following months of speculation regarding Halle Bailey’s pregnancy.