DDG Opens Up About Getting Advice From Jay-Z

DDG recently sat down with Jason Lee on Hollywood Unlocked. During the interview the rapper opened about how impactful advice from Jay-Z has been for him.

DDG revealed to Lee that while he hasn’t had many conversaitons with the father of three, but when he does he often imparts some wisdom about building a succesful career as an artist.

 “I’ve only talked to him a few times. It ain’t like I text him and call him and sh*t like that, but we’ve had conversations,” he told Lee. “When I do see him, I try to ask him for a little bit of game, a little bit of advice.”

Getting advice from the Brooklyn native seems highly coveted these days. Especially, after it proposed on social media to either take $500,000 or have dinner with Jay-Z.  While many folks on social media clowned the idea, and didn’t hestiate about taking the money, quite a few thought having a conversation with mogul was worth much more.