DDG Sets Record Straight On Rubi Rose DM Rumors

LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 17: Halle Bailey and DDG attend the Glamour Women of The Year Awards 2023 at One Marylebone on October 17, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

DDG recently addressed the controversy surrounding leaked text messages between himself and his ex, Rubi Rose, during a recent interview. The rapper clarified rumors that circulated last year involving Rubi Rose, 26, and his current girlfriend, Halle Bailey, 24.

Last year, DDG found himself in the midst of online drama after sending Rubi Rose a message on Instagram following an argument with Halle Bailey. Rubi Rose then shared a screenshot of their brief conversation on her social media, captioning it, “This is why I’m single.”

In the interview, DDG explained that he sent the text message to Rubi Rose while in the presence of Halle Bailey during a difficult period in their relationship. He admitted to being “petty” and clarified that despite inquiring about Rubi’s whereabouts, he had no intentions of actually meeting up with her. DDG mentioned, “I feel like people thought that I was like sneakingly like, ‘oooh what you doing’ type sh*t and that’s when she posted it.”

DDG further expressed that the situation was misconstrued by social media users and fans, noting, “I feel like the whole situation was definitely taken out of context.”

Despite the public fallout, DDG shared that he and Halle, who now share a baby boy, Halo, together, were able to reconcile their issues. He mentioned, “During the whole situation, while I was getting cancelled on the internet after the screenshot came out, we were already back cool. It was just like a quick little argument that went completely left. And we eventually got over that hump.”

This interview provided DDG with the opportunity to set the record straight and offer insights into the circumstances surrounding the leaked messages and subsequent fallout. DDG’s account sheds light on the complexities of navigating personal relationships under the scrutiny of social media and public attention.