Details Emerge About Drake’s Bedroom Fetish From Settled Rape Case with IG Model

Drake at the Raptors parade


Photo Credit: Isaiah Trickey / Contributor


Back in November, Drake quietly settled a rape case with Laquana Morris, also known as Layla Lace but it appears the case is going to reopen.


The IG model alleged that the OVO boss sexually assaulted her after his concert in Manchester, England in February 2017 . Drake disputed the claim saying their relations were consensual and that “Layla also voluntarily and seemingly happily performed oral sex.”


The case was settled for $350,000 with Laquana having filed a police report in the UK because that’s where the incident happened. However, according to The Blast, Layla has recently filed the complaint with the New York Attorney Grievance Committee and the details reveal Drake’s bedroom fetish.


First, Laquana stands firm with her claims saying “I, Laquana Morris signed a retainer agreement with Alexander Cabereiras on January 23, 2018. I explained to him that I was sexually assaulted by the rapper Drake.”


She then went on describe the assault saying, “Drake forced me to perform oral on him. It wasn’t your ordinary oral it was more so a fetish where he measured a cup and demanded that I spit in the cup until he had measured it. Afterward he dumped the spit on my face repeating, ‘I wanna see your face messy.’”


Oh boy! We’ll see how this one plays out.



We’ll see how this one plays out.