Did Drake Have Legal Trouble In Sweden? Drizzy Updates Fans!

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“Free Drake” was trending last week; luckily, it was a false alarm.

But DID Drake have legal trouble overseas?

The 6 god rapper recently posted on his Instagram, showing off pictures, seemingly in Sweden. In one of the photo dumps, you can see a collection of photos and videos, but there’s also a “legal paper” with information about getting detained.

Drake’s name isn’t on the paper, so it’s unclear if he got into a situation out there. It says, “Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained.” The Public Prosecutor’s Office for Sweden’s National Police Board also allegedly issued the paper. The document also has a list of detainee rights and the legal process to follow, like interrogation lasting no longer than six hours.

Take a look:


Last week, “free Drake” was trending on social media. A rumor swirled that he was arrested in Sweden and taken into custody for marijuana charges. However, a rep for the rapper said the entire story is false; Drake was not detained in Sweden.

It’s not clear why he’s in Sweden, and it’s also not clear if something happened. Hopefully, everything gets taken care of, and Drake is able to return.