Did You Know? This is Why Solange Became a Singer

Solange Wearing all black

(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

Solange has become a star in her own right. With chart-topping albums, this award-winning singer proved that she is more than just Beyonce’s little sister. But do you know the real reason why Solange decided to become a singer?

Solange recently opened-up about a life-changing event that caused her career path to change. She originally wanted to become a dancer but at the age of 15, her dreams were cut short after she tore her meniscus.

While recovering from this injury, Solange says she found her peace in the studio and herself extremely blessed and privileged to have been granted that kind of access at such a young age. We couldn’t be more grateful for Solange’s career change and for providing us with such great music.