Diddy Gives A VERY Interesting Take On Drake/Pusha T Beef + How He Stopped Biggie From Responding [VIDEO]


What’s beef?

The east coast/west coast beef is considered one of the most dangerous beefs in the history of hip hop. The beef cost the lives of two of the biggest hip hop icons of all time, and two mothers without their sons. Diddy was in the middle of the Bad Boy and Death Row beef, and with the upbrupt ending of the Drake and Pusha T beef he has a unique take on how it all ended, and the reaction to “Hit Em Up” during an interview with Big Boy.

He also revealed that he told Biggie not to respond.

“Like when we had got hit with ‘Hit Em Up,’ I had to make the call to Biggie and I said, ‘we not going to respond.’ Somebody’s going to get hurt if we respond,” he said. “I could understand [Drake’s&#93 perspective because 2Pac hit us with ‘Hit Em Up’ and that joint was cold.”

See the clip below.