Diddy’s Relief As Ex-Nanny Drops Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

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Diddy received a legal reprieve when his former nanny, Raven Wales-Walden, decided to drop her wrongful termination lawsuit against him. Wales-Walden had sued the Bad Boy Records founder in 2022, alleging that he fired her because she became pregnant outside of marriage two years earlier, which she believed set a “bad example” for his daughters.

Recently, she dismissed her complaint with prejudice, indicating that she cannot pursue this lawsuit again in the future. The details of any potential private settlement between Wales-Walden and Diddy remain undisclosed.

Previously, Diddy had moved to dismiss the lawsuit, asserting that Wales-Walden was not proficient in her role. He claimed she did not meet job expectations and failed to comply with the standards and policies of his organization.

Diddy emphasized that his actions were not discriminatory and were based on performance concerns, including suspicions that Wales-Walden was not fulfilling all her job duties and received payment for work she did not complete.

Diddy publicly criticized the lawsuit, denouncing it as a “meritless shakedown.” Wales-Walden had alleged that she assumed the role of a full-time nanny for Diddy’s twin daughters following the death of their mother, Kim Porter, in 2018.

Neither Diddy nor Wales-Walden has commented on the dismissal of the lawsuit. The legal development marks a conclusion to this contentious dispute, which had drawn attention due to the sensitive nature of the termination and the allegations made by Wales-Walden against Diddy.

The dropped termination lawsuit signifies a resolution to this particular legal matter, though the details surrounding its conclusion remain undisclosed by the involved parties.