DJ Akademiks Says He Would Snitch On Lil Baby After Rapper Dissed Him On Two Songs

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DJ Akademiks responded to Lil Baby, mentioning him on his album.

Lil Baby dropped his new project, Its Only Me, last week, and Ak wasn’t feeling his name being in two of the songs. On From Now On” featuring Future and “Top Priority.”

On “From Now On,” Lil Baby raps, “Really sturdy, a wall, n*gga, can’t beat me. Akademiks know he ain’t as rich as me. Brodie ready to eat for a 20 piece, I ain’t got nothin’ to say to you mini-mes.” 

On “Top Priority,” Lil Baby raps, “All cap aside, who really turned as us? Akademik’s niggas think they can’t get touched.” 

AK responded on Twitter around the time the album initially dropped. He said, “Lil Baby dissed me instead of Fani Willis (DA of fulton county) and his real opps.. What is Rap music…”

XXL points out AK said, also said, “You’re scared of Fani muthaf*ckin’ Willis. Fani, this is enough for a f*ckin search warrant, n*gga. Grab them computers and iPhones that n*gga got. Facts.”

In the latest update, Akademiks responded on social media and advised Baby not to “talk gangsta” to people that aren’t in the streets. AK also said he would snitch on Lil Baby if he ever needed to. He said, “Y’all get locked up in a RICO, I’m in court saying, ‘He said I can get touched.’” He continued, 

“Real talk. Nigga, I’m showing up to court with a Walkman. That nigga said, ‘Akademiks could get touched,’ I’m in fear for my life. Judge, you know what to do. Bond denied.”

Take a look at a clip: 

Some social media users shared their thoughts in the comment section. One person said, “man you talk about every celebrity now that a rapper mention you, you feel some type of way? Learn to stop running your mouth then.” Another person said, 

“Snitching when it comes to a man but ready to step and be aggressive when it comes to a woman. Typical.” Someone else said,

“Bro acting like a lil girl. His feelings is hurt. It’s not that deep to be wishing a Rico on someone who has a family bro.”

During an NYC radio, Baby said he mentioned AK’s name because he was talking about hip-hop Internet bloggers as a whole. He hasn’t publicly responded to AK’s “snitch” threats.