DMX Trained His Dog To Drop Ad-Libs According To Murda Mook

(Photo by Johnny Nunez/GettyImages)

Murda Mook shared an interesting story about living legend DMX.

The battle rap veteran appeared on N.O.R.E’s show, Drink Champs, and talked about a tome when X lived in NYC and was battling on a street corner in Harlem. Mook told the other guest that was on the show, fellow legend Loaded Lux, N.O.R.E, and DJ EFN more of what happened. 

“He had his dog. So, he battling on the corner and all the n***** around him. He battled Den on the block on 121st, right, Seventh Avenue.”

Mook said X was spitting flames and mentioned his dog would attack if told to, so be careful and the dog growled on cue. X is known to have a close relationship with his canines. Jadakiss shared with Nick Cannon during an interview that X use to rob people in Yonkers with his dog, Boomer. Jadakiss said,

“He’s a dog lover. He loves all of them. But he had a dog Boomer, it was dangerous. You ever see him, with Boomer, you know he’s robbing everything with his dog. Not armed robbery, dog robbery.”