Do You Want a Sequel to ‘Thotiana:’ There is One on the Way! [VIDEO]


Photo Credit: Prince Williams  – Getty Images


Thotiana has made its rounds and transformed into a hit record!


Scum Beatz, the man who produced the song is saying the sequel of Thotiana is on the way.


During a recent interview with XXL Magazine,  Scum said “Me and [Blueface&#93 haven’t really sat down and cooked something up together besides the ‘Thotiana Part 2’ beat.”


Scum Beatz mentioned the sequel will have a few similarities as the first one, he said “It’s gonna be the same beat, different drum pattern…and I added a couple of other sounds.” 


Unfortunately we didn’t get a release date for it yet but at least we know its coming. For now the fans can still enjoy the remixes from major artist such as Cardi B, YG, Nicki Minaj, Desiigner, and Young M.A.


A lot of artist can’t say they made it to the billboards after such a short period of time, nonetheless Blueface can!


“It’s really just me, my brain power, my promotion and marketing…My music is not like everybody gonna love it, it’s really what I make of it. I was going to schools—I wasn’t booked to do that. I was just going to get the viral footage. I was 100 percent independent, driving my car, doing everything by myself.” – Blueface