Doja Cat Addresses Claims That She’s A ‘Satanist’

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During a recent interview with Apple Music, Doja Cat finally addressed claims that she’s a Satanist. “I did it on purpose and it’s this big ruse to make people react,” she said. “But I also like the idea of… I love this piece of visual art, I like this visual for this sound.”

The “Paint The Town Red” hitmaker continued, “So I chose that visual and applied it to the sound and people made up what they [want], which is what you do with art. You interpret it how you want to interpret it. Everybody has a right to interpret how they want.”

Doja added, “But this whole very confident ‘Satanism’ thing is like — I’m sorry, when the f**k did I say that I was a Satanist? Or even go marching outside the church? When the f**k did I say that? It’s really tacky and annoying and discredits a lot of the hard work that I’ve put in.” Check out the full conversation below.