Doja Cat Makes It Clear She’s Not ‘Dissing’ Anyone After Name Dropping Cardi B

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Doja Cat released her new album Scarlet 2.

On one single off the album, “Acknowledge Me,” Doja name-drops Cardi B and social media users assume it was a diss. On the song she raps, “Cartier on you but you barkin’ like you Cardi B.”

She clarifies via Twitter that she was in fact not dissing Cardi B, or anyone on the album. “no one has done anything to me for me to even want to begin to diss them. all my peers been nice as f*ck and welcoming of me. please stop fucking grasping for straws here.”

“i dont play these games you all are playing. its incredibly childish and quite frankly the most depressing sh*t ive ever come across on the internet. grow the f*ck up. i dont get in “rAp bEefS”

Luckily for fans, Doja and Cardi B seemingly have no issues.

You can see Doja Cat on June 2nd at HOT 97 Summer Jam. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.