Dollar Van Driver Puts Everyone in Danger, YET nypd Treats Passengers Like Suspects [VIDEO]

NYPD confront Dollar Van passengers

If you’re not familiar with NYC, Dollar vans is a thing in every borough being the city has good transportation, but NOT great/perfect transportation, so people have an opportunity to make money and get around at a great value. This experience on the other hand is NOT that;

So yesterday in the studio one of the team that’s from Queens told u he saw this video get posted at the time… it was funny when he told us but after watching this video, 2 things stand out to me, First, and most important, yes get your money, but don’t put people in danger that are just trying to get around doing so!
The 2nd thing, and what Really made me Angry watching it, Here’s exactly why the community doesn’t trust the NYPD on any level… a whole van full of people could NOT have been THE 1 Driver/suspect, YET were definitely treated as such… Why would our community ever be ‘witnesses’ when from the beginning they are treated like the criminal! these 2 CLOWN AS* Cops can;’t help but to show their racism by believing no one in this situation was on the ‘right side’ when in actuality they were victims… I wish I was there because there seems to be a law suit here!!! #FYNYPD