Don Toliver Arrested For Suspicion Of DUI

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Don Toliver had a run-in with authorities this week, after being suspected of driving under the influence.

According to TMZ, the “Deep In The Water” musician was issued a citation for driving under the influence early Tuesday morning but was not arrested.

He was pulled over by police after allegedly speeding in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. Authorities suspected the musician may have been impaired while driving, but was simply cited “released into the field,” the outlet adds.

Toliver’s arrest follows shortly after news that he and singer Kali Uchis welcomed their first child together.

Sharing on Instagram, the couple offered fans a peek at their newborn, posting a video clip of the family’s first moments together. “You are everything we could have hoped for & more,” the caption begins.

“Thank you God for our beautiful healthy baby boy, & thank you all for the Good energy along the way. may our home & your homes forever be blessed with peace, happiness & health.”

On the music front, earlier this year, as fans eagerly await the rap star’s 2024 album — Toliver released “Deep In The Water.”

Guess we movin’ too fast/ Whatever you do right now, you know I can’t go back / You try to leave me, damn near caught a heart attack/ Well, I’m in the H right now, got my hand deep down in the sack/ Hit the blunt with a bean in it, come and sit and relax/ While I’m in down the A right now, my chopper damn near caught flat,” he sings, in an ode to his leading lady.

Though Toliver’s album has not yet received a release date, he promises fans it’ll drop this summer.