Dr. Dre Responds To Wife’s Claims That She Was ‘Pressured’ Into Signing Prenup

(Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

After 24 years of marriage, Dr. Dre and Nicole Young are ending their union. 

Nicole filed for divorce back in late June and she’s claiming she was “pressured” into signing a prenup. Nicole claimed that’s two years after signing it, Dr. Dre tore it up.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Nicole says Andre expressed to her that he felt “ashamed pressuring” her to sign it. She says that he tore up the paperwork in front of her and that he felt guilty for making her sign one. 

However, Dr. Dre says that didn’t happen. He told TMZ he didn’t feel “ashamed” asking his wife to sign the prenup, and says he never forced her to. Dr. Dre says that Nicole’s lawyer looked over the paperwork as well.

The super prouder is willing to pay Nicole spousal support and her expenses, but she feels she deserves more since Dr. Dre gained a lot of his fortune during their marriage.