Drake and 21 Savage Settle Lawsuit With Condé Nast Over Fake Vogue Cover

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Drake and 21 Savage have reportedly settled their lawsuit with Condé Nast over the fake Vogue cover they made to promote their joint album, Her Loss.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the duo promoted their jointed album, Her Loss, by posing on what looked like a real Vogue magazine cover, leading fans to believe the company would drop the special edition. Some media outlets even reported on the issue. Condé Nast claims Vogue and its editor-in-chief Anna Wintour “have not endorsed [Her Loss] in any way” and have asked multiple times for all the promotion using the Vogue name to be taken down but nothing had been done. The documents said Drake and 21 Savage falsely promoted the Vogue collaboration on social media and put up posters of the “cover” in major cities.

“As a creative company, we of course understand our brands may from time to time be referenced in other creative works,” Will Bowes, Condé Nast’s general counsel wrote in a statement. “In this instance, however, it was clear to us that Drake and 21 Savage leveraged Vogue’s reputation for their own commercial purposes and, in the process, confused audiences who trust Vogue as the authoritative voice on fashion and culture.”

Sources told TMZ that the duo settled out of court and agreed to pay the magazine publisher. Although the settlement amount is unclear, Condé Nast was seeking at least $4 million in damages.