Drake And Future Beef Reportedly Caused By A Woman; She Speaks Out:

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The Future and Drake beef saga continues.

Rumors have been circulating the internet that once friends, and music collaborators, Drake and Future are “beefing” over a woman who goes by the name Princess Diana.

Diana has since decided to speak out. During an Instagram live session, she explains, “Nobody’s beefing over me. I’m not that important, I’m just a regular girl. I’m just a regular person. It ain’t about me.”

“I don’t need to address or clear anything up because those who know, know and that’s all that matters,” she added. “You know? People are going to believe what they want to believe. So, it doesn’t matter what I clear up.”

Metro Boomin also spoke on the “beef” he says, “yall n##### stop making stuff up for engagement and enjoy the music,” he wrote.