Drake Is Dropping “Scary Hours III” at Midnight!

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Drake Is Dropping “Scary Hours III” Tonight!

At 3am EST Drake announced the release of “Scary Hours III” in a highly produced Instagram post in which he says:

“I’ll say this to you, I feel no need to appease anybody. I feel so confident about the body of work I just dropped that I know, I could go and disappear for whatever, six months or two years. Even though I’m not really into the lengthy disappearances for the sake of mystery.”

Immediately dispelling any rumors that this is quick turnaround to redeem himself for criticisms made toward “For All The Dogs.” This announcement comes just a few days after announcing a tour alongside J. Cole and also just hours after the viral release of the “First Person Shooter” music video with Cole.

It’ll be interesting stylistically to see what Drake’s “Scary Hours III” sounds like and who he got to feature on this project in such a short time. Drizzy claims that he’s been making these songs in the last five days and that these are all brand new bars, comparing this to the mindstate he was in while writing “If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late.”

Watch Drake’s Full Announcement: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CzsxsceO3c-/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA%3D%3D

Drake dropped Scary Hours in 2018 which gave us the “God’s Plan,” and in 2021 Scary Hours 2 gave us the ““Lemon Pepper Freestyle.” Scary Hours had 3 songs and Scary Hours 2 had 2 songs, so expect between 2 and 6 songs on a limited-EP dropping at midnight on November 17, 2023.