Drake Addresses Viral Young Thug/Mariah The Scientist Jail Call Video

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Drake addressed Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail staff and Judge Ural Glanville on Instagram on Wednesday evening (Jan. 24) in displeasure about a video of a jail call between Young Thug and Mariah The Scientist went viral.



Posting the video from Akademik’s account on his Instagram Story, Drake wrote in the comment, “This gotta be some form of jail misconduct you gonna drag this talented man then not be able to control your employees using his personal business for their own gain? Somebody benefitted from this video even existing and that’s shameful whole case is a wash just 3 the guy and let him come home and continue bringing light to Atlanta.”

Under the comment, Drake would continue with a mention of Young Thug’s judge: “Sh*t is disgraceful… is this a criminal case or Atlanta social media promo Ural Glanville?”

Meek Mill would follow Drake in a comment on X of the video going public with, “This a top tier lawsuit your personal call not suppose to be on the street!”

Drake appeared on Young Thug’s new album, Business Is Business (Atlantic), on the single and music video “Oh U Went” and on the album cut “Parade on Cleveland.” Young Thug has appeared on new albums by 21 Savage, Busta Rhymes, and Travis Scott while he has been detained in Fulton County Jail since 2022.

In 2022, Mariah The Scientist sent a message on Instagram to President Joe Biden in request to “free YSL” along with Brittney Griner. Mariah The Scientist, who released a matching single “From A Woman” with Young Thug’s “From A Man” in 2023, is set to begin her highly-anticipated To Be Eaten Alive Tour in February.

Young Thug/YSL RICO trial is set to resume on Monday, January 29, in Downtown Atlanta.

In 2021, Young Thug spoke with Hot 97’s TT Torrez about his growth and influence as an artist. Check out the full interview below.