Drake Releases Diss Track ‘Push Ups’ On Streaming Platforms

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Drake release diss tack “Push Ups” on streaming platforms.

We previously reported that Drake dropped a diss track titled “Push Ups” on Saturday (April 13). Directly addressing everyone he has “beef” with, including Metro Boomin’. On track he rapped, “Metro, shut your hoe a*s up and make some drums, n***a.”

Metro wasn’t the only person Drake dissed on the track. Directly addressing Kendrick Lamar, Drake raps, “Your last one bricked, you really not on shit / They make excuses for you ’cause they hate to see me lit / Pull your contract ’cause we gotta see the split,” then, “Like your label, boy, you in the scope right now / And you gon’ feel the aftermath of what I write down / I’m at the top of the mountain, so you tight now.”

As far as Rick Ross, Drake says he “might take your latest girl and cuff her like I’m Ricky / Can’t believe he jumpin’ in, this n***a turnin’ fifty / Every song that made it on the chart, he got from Drizzy / Spend that lil’ check you got and stay up out my business.”

Drake was previously in an infamous rap battle with Pusha T. These days Push is not so much concerned about Drake’s current rap beefs.

During a recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, Budden claims,“I talked to Push [for] about two hours Saturday — just laughing, just laughing,” he said. “He ain’t thinking about this sh*t, bruh. He’s laughing; he got his already.”

We previously reported that fans on X pointed out that Drake and Pusha T’s rap beef never turned physical. “I just wanted to point out that after all these years of mob talk from Drake, nobody ever laid a finger on @PUSHA_T,” a person wrote on Twitter. “Not a pinky nail… [crying face emoji]” replied Push.