Drake Sends Lil Wayne A Heartfelt Message On His 38th Birthday

(Photo by Josh Brasted/WireImage)

Lil Wayne celebrated his 38th birthday yesterday, Sept 27. Drake sent him a heartfelt message to show his appreciation to his G.O.A.T”

Drizzy posted a series of pictures of the two via his Instagram. He captions them, “More life to the man that gave me everything I have!!! My GOAT and not just on some emoji shit. Sometimes I wanna drop a tear..”

A lot of our favorite rappers would not be in the postion they are today if it wasn’t for Weezy, and Drake makes that clear.

The captions continues, “No emotions from a king…shall be…so I be…who I be…that’s me…that’s Weezy F Baby and please say the mothafuckin…”

Take a look.