Drakes OVO London Store Vandalized

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The ongoing feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar reached a new level of intensity with the release of Drake’s track “The Heart Part 6.” Among various rebuttals, Drake disclosed that Kendrick’s viral story about a secret 11-year-old daughter was orchestrated by Drake and his team. This feud between the rappers has escalated further with Drake’s OVO London Store being vandalized.

While Drake declared an end to diss tracks, fans delved into every detail, including Kendrick’s “Not Like Us,” which accuses Drake of inappropriate interests in underage girls. The song’s artwork depicts Drake’s mansion tagged with accusations of housing sex offenders, resonating deeply with Kendrick’s supporters. In a bold display of solidarity, a fan in London defaced an OVO store, spray painting “They not like us” on its window.

This act underscores the impact of Kendrick’s track, blending sharp disses with infectious melodies. The song’s success on Spotify reflects its widespread appeal, breaking records for single-day streams by a rap song in America. The vandalism serves as a tangible manifestation of the escalating tension between the two rap titans, demonstrating the fervor and passion of their respective fan bases. Additionally, Drake’s Toronto home was recently shot at, coinciding with Kendrick’s use of a picture of the rapper’s mansion on a diss track cover.