Drake’s OVO Pop-Up Shop To Be Launched In Las Vegas

Drake wearing black turtleneck and brown blazer

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Drake is ready to take on Las Vegas! 

The rapper/singer is getting ready to launch his October’s Very Own (OVO) pop-up shop in Las Vegas this week. The store will debut this Saturday (September 14th) and will be opened daily through January 12th at Wynn Plaza.

Executive Vice President and Managing Partner of Nightlife at Wynn Plaza, Alex Cordova, stated to Rolling Stone, “In the fourth quarter of last year, we pursued a relationship with Drake and his management team to do something different in Las Vegas, not the traditional residency. A partnership will be the right word for this relationship because this isn’t just about performing at the venue. This is more about how we bring Drake into the concept of Wynn Las Vegas.” Cordova continued, “We’re looking at all possible environments within the hotel and working with Drake and Drake’s team to see exactly how he can lend assistance in curating these experiences.” 

Drake’s pop-up shop is set to feature drops every Friday. This pop-up shop premiere will also coincide with Drake’s concert at Wynn’s XS Nightclub on Saturday.