Dream Doll Admits She Had Multiple Butt Reductions “I Wanted A More Natural Body”

(Photo by Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

Dream Doll gets transparent about the multiple plastic surgeries she has had over the years. 

The 29-year-old rapper revealed that she has undergone four butt reductions to make her butt appear smaller from the previous butt injections she had gotten. Dream discussed that the injections were really painful and had long-lasting side effects on her.

“It hurts. Pain… Not wanting a big butt anymore… I already got 4 reductions already. There’s levels to this reduction s**t… It’s way harder to take it out… I just wanted a more natural body.” 

Dream revealed that she found a good doctor that helped her with her reduction process in Columbia. 

“I went to Carlos Gomez. He’s in Columbia, he’s really good with reconstruction and I’ve sent a lot of women to him. When I wanted to do a removal, nobody wants to tell you that s**t… Nobody wants to give that information out. But I gave my doctor out to women and shared my story through vlogging because I wanted to be able to help people the way I wanted to be helped.” 

This isn’t the first time that Dream Doll has opened up about having plastic surgery done. Last month, a fan called her out on Twitter for her thighs not matching the rest of her body and suggesting that she should get surgery. Dream admitted that she does but the fat melts away every time she works out.