Dreamville Drops New Freestyle On Red Bull Spiral

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Dreamville’s talented squad, featuring EarthGang, Cozz, and Lute, showcased their exceptional lyricism and rapid rhymes on Red Bull Spiral

Ahead of the challenge, Johnny Venus from Earthgang encouraged his fellow artists not to overthink their performance, setting the tone for their creative session at Red Bull’s Santa Monica studio.

The artists gathered in a small huddle, intensely focused on the beat, crafting their verses. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, the rappers were poised and ready when the camera started rolling. Their seamless performance was a testament to their strong chemistry and shared passion for music and artistry.

Johnny Venus reflected on their camaraderie with Cozz, highlighting their longstanding support and encouragement. Doctur Dot emphasized the effortless vibe in their recording sessions. Cozz and Lute spoke about the competitive yet supportive dynamic among the artists, driving each other to excel and grow as musicians.

For Lute, Dreamville is a family where diverse artists create a unified energy, contributing to their collective success and growth. J. Cole launched the label in 2007.

Red Bull Spiral is on Red Bull 1520, a YouTube channel for hip-hop programming. The cypher is filmed in a single take to capture the raw talent and authenticity of the artists involved.

Previous participants have included Armani Caesar, Jay Worthy, Rome Streetz, and the Souls of Mischief, among others, showcasing the channel’s commitment to rap’s next movement.