Dwight Howard Responds To ‘Haters’ Following Sexual Assault Accusations

Dwight Howard responds to the “haters online” following sexual assault accusations.

It was previously reported that Howard was named in a lawsuit earlier this year as he was accused of sexually assaulting a man named Stephen Harper. Howard and Harper met via Instagram and began exchanging explicit text messages. Almost three months later the two met up in person. During that meet-up, Harper claims Howard forced him to engage in sexual acts with him and another person.

Howard and his legal teams shut down those claims. Howard does admit to meeting up with Harper for a threesome, however, he says he did not sexually assault him. His lawyer Justin Bailey says in a statement, “what was a private consensual encounter was made public for profit and Mr. Howard looks forward to bringing the truth to light in a court of law…The allegations against Mr. Howard are contested. ”

“The truth is Mr. Howard blocked Mr. Harper on social media and then was confronted with two options – pay to protect his reputation or have a fabricated story made public…Despite being an easy target due to the subject matter and his status as a celebrity, Mr. Howard chose to trust in the justice system and will rely on all future court filings to speak for themselves.”

Following the news, Howard, shared a video via TikTok seemingly unbothered by the alleged rumor. “How they want me to respond to the haters online,” Howard wrote with a crying-laughing emoji.