Dwyane Wade Shares Pic Of Zaya Wade’s Beautiful Winter Formal Dress

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Zaya Wade attended her Winter Formal in a beautiful gown, and her parents were right by her side.

“Supporting each other for life’s big moments is key. All the nerves, all the anxiety, all the fear… With loved ones by your side, no matter the challenge, we 10 toes down. Always,” Union, who is Zaya’s stepmother, wrote in her caption.

We previously reported that Gabrielle Union reveals that Zaya Wade has to “fight every day to been seen and heard.” She explains, “as a mother, I just wanna be part of healing for a child.”The actress shares four children with NBA player Dwyane Wade.  Zaire, 20, Zaya, 15, Xavier 8, and Kaavia James, 4. The Wade’s have been very vocal about supporting their daughter/sister, Zaya, on her transformation journey. Gab and Dwyane have been very vocal about supporting the LBGTQ+ community.

“Zaya’s still a child of this world and we try to create a loving safe bubble in our home, in her school and community with our extended family but she’s still a queer person in this country, in this world and she has to fight every day to be seen, to be loved, to be nurtured, to be thought of as worthy” she explains.

“I’m glad that [fans get] a snippet of the joy that exists but always know that it is a struggle, and she is not completely unlike Elegance in the sense of the yearning for loved ones to see them and love them completely without condition.”