Emily B. Claps Back at Negative Comments Regarding Fabolous [PHOTOS]

Emily B
Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark – Getty Images

Emily B. has left a message on Instagram for everyone who has something to say about her reconciliation with rapper Fabolous after domestic violence allegations.

A few months ago Emily B and Fabolous made headlines for domestic abuse.  Emily B. claimed that the rapper punched her several times, as well as knocking her teeth out. A video was later released of Fabolous arguing with both Emily B. and her father, sending threats to kill her brothers etc…

Fast forward to this weekend, Emily took to Instagram with a photo of Fabolous and their kids wishing him a happy fathers day and expressing her love for him.

Fans who supported her during the abuse allegations are not too happy about her reconciliation with Fab…nonetheless Emily B does not care.

Take a look at her message to those critiquing her life below: