Eminem Had To Fight Off A Stan That Broke Into His Home!

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Now, this is a WILD story!

Reported on TMZ, Eminem had to fight off a home intruder earlier this month. Eminem’s security was in the front of his home, not paying attention while a “stan” snuck through the back. 

The incident happened early in the morning around 4. When Em saw the intruder, he yelled for his security, who finally caught on to the situation.

The person who broke into Eminem’s home is a 26-year-old superfan named Matthew David Hughes. He ironically has the same name as “Stan’s brother” in Eminem’s “Bad Guy” Stan sequel. 

When authorities arrived, Hughes was arrested and hit with two felony charges, first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of a building. He’s still being held at Macomb County Jail on $50,000.

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