Eminem Says New Music Is Coming & He Is Open To A Collab Album With 50 Cent

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In a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid on his own Shade 45 radio station, Eminem hinted at new music coming and shared interest in a collaboration album with 50 Cent. Eminem spoke on sports, but also discussed the new music and teased a collaboration album at 7:15 before he headed to San Francisco to watch the Detroit Lions play the 49ers in the NFC championship.



When asked about new music, not giving any concrete information, Eminem told Whoo Kid he was working on new music. After joking with the radio personality, Em said, “I’m working on a little something.”

Outside of a greatest hits compilation album in 2022, Eminem released his last album in 2020 with Music To Be Murdered By (Interscope). The album features Ed Sheeran, JuiceWrld, Don Toliver, Anderson.Paak, and more.

And with Eminem hinting at new music, Whoo Kid surprised the megastar by asking about a possible collaboration album with 50 Cent. “Where’d that come from?” Eminem replied.

Eminem shared that a collaboration album with 50 Cent would be crazy; however, he wants his protege to make another solo album at the moment. “I don’t know who’s idea that was, but that’s crazy,” Eminem says. “Yo, I’m trying to get him (50 Cent) to make another album so bad. We need another 50 album like really bad. 50’s on a roll right now. He’s been on a roll since the tour. I told him whatever the fuck he needs from me, I’m here. That shit’d be crazy, though — an album with me and him.”

50 Cent spent the majority of 2023 on his The Final Lap World Tour. 50 Cent celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin, released on Eminem’s Shady Records imprint and Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records. Performing 103 shows across the world, the tour was one of the highest-grossing rap tours of 2023.

After Eminem mentioned the possibility of a collaboration album, a clip resurfaced of 50 Cent suggesting a collaboration with his favorite white boy in 2012 during an MTV News interview.

“Paul (Rosenberg) said he wants me and you on one album like Watch The Throne,” 50 Cent asked Eminem in 2012. “An EP, maybe?” Eminem would respond with, “No pressure, right? No pressure.” 50 Cent would then respond with, “No pressure at all.”




50 Cent revealed that Eminem passed on a collaboration tour with him during an interview with Big Boy in the Morning in January 2023. The tour was presented to 50 following their Super Bowl 2022 performance, which also featured Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Mary J. Blige.

“Because of the Super Bowl, I got an inquiry about the World Cup and they had a budget of $9 million,” 50 told Big Boy. “They’re like, “He’s not gonna do it. If you would do a one-off show, maybe you would do the biggest live sporting event in the world.”

The last time 50 Cent and Eminem collaborated in music was 2012 with “My Life” featuring Maroon 5’s Adam Levin. While he has teased a new album in the works with Dr. Dre for several years now, 50 Cent released his last album in 2014’s Animal Ambition.

50 Cent revealed in 2023 that he was developing an 8 Mile TV series, which is loosely based on the 2002 film starring Eminem. Eminem appeared as notorious Detroit drug dealer White Boy Rick in season 2 of 50 Cent’s crime drama BMF.