Eric Holder Trial Begins For Nipsey Hussle’s Murder, Prosecutors Want To Prove Killing Was ‘Intentional’

Nipsey Hussle performs onstage at Live! Red! Ready! Pre-Show
(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for BET)

The marathon continues. 

Eric Holder, the man accused of killing Nipsey Hussle in cold blood, started his trial. On Wednesday (June 15), the jury heard opening statements.

As reported on ABC, the prosecutors described Nip as a loving father/son and Eric as a “less respected” individual. Deputy DA John McKinney told the jury, “The defendant in this case was also an aspiring rapper – not nearly as successful, not nearly as respected, and the two didn’t really have a lot in common.” 

Adding, “They were two men whose arcs in life were bending in two different directions. The one thing they did have in common was their roots.” McKinney went on to discuss the gang activity Nipsey used to be involved in, and said Eric is still allegedly active in it. 

McKinney wants to prove that Eric killed Nipsey over the “Hussle and Motivate” rapper’s comments to Eric about snitching. The article reports a witness will talk about a conversation between Eric and Nip that had to do with rumors about “snitching” before Eric allegedly fatally shot Nipsey 10 times. McKinney said, 

“There’s a range of consequences for people who snitch. No gang member wants to be considered a snitch.” McKinney also wants to prove that Eric’s decision to kill Nipsey was premeditated. 

During L.A. County Deputy Public Defender Aaron Jansen’s opening statements, he admitted Eric was Nipsey’s killer. However, Jansen is trying to convince a jury that Eric had a “passionate response” to the “snitching” accusations, and it wasn’t premeditated. Jansen said, 

“This is a case about the heat of passion. The provocative act in this case was that Nipsey Hussle made an accusation against Mr. Holder that he was a snitch.” Jansen went on to say the first-degree charge for premeditated murder should instead be “voluntary manslaughter.”

Eric is charged with killing Nipsey on March 31, 2019. A grand jury indicted Eric on May 9, 2019. He’s charged with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon. He pleaded not guilty and faces life if convicted.  

Nipsey, 33 at the time, was gunned down outside his Marathon clothing store. Surveillance video shows Eric was shooting from his left hand and his right hand. Prosecutors say Eric shot Hussle in the head and torso 10 or 11 times. Eric allegedly told Nip, “You’re through,” the prosecutor said. According to a jury transcript, Nip replied, “You got me.”

Nipsey’s death broke hip hop’s heart. It was deeper than music because he provided jobs, made philanthropic moves, and had plans to expand. He earned the nickname “Neighborhood Nip.”