Erica Mena Goes OFF On ‘Miserable Trolls’ For Calling Safaree ‘Corny’

Erica Mena (L) and Safaree Samuels attend MCM x Super Bowl LIII on February 2
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for MCM)

Erica Mena has had ENOUGH! 

Erica and her husband Safaree Samuels live their life in the public eye, so they aren’t strangers to criticism. However, Erica is fed up with people throwing shots at her man!

In a video, Erica took her frustration to social media, 

“I find it kinda interesting how when a man is comfortable with being himself, loves life, makes the best out of things, isn’t fake hardcore trying to be hard, ain’t calling queens out their name…when a man is legitimately confident with himself when a man enjoys life and enjoys making the best out of things, dances because he feels good inside, says what he wants to say because he means it and is really a good all-around man…why is that corny for y’all females?”

The reality star also called out The Shade Room for being a toxic blog that’s focused on “hurting women.” Then Erica spoke about how she’s able to handle the situation and chooses not to be bitter. 

Take a look:

The Internet seems to have a love/hate relationship with Safaree. One minute he gets praised, the next, they try to cancel him. It’s not clear why this time around, some online users called Safaree corny. Just yesterday we posted a video of the married couple dancing with their newborn baby in front of their new mansion. That’s couple goals right there, far from “corny.” 

Take a look at what social media had to say: