Erica Mena Seemingly Admits She Misses Safaree After Posting ‘My Baby Daddy Was Right’ Meme

Erica Mena attends Atlanta Whether Celebrity Block Party with Erica Mena on September 4
(Photo by Prince Williams/GettyImages)

Is reconciliation on the way?

It may be hard to keep track of Safaree and Erica Mena’s relationship status. They’ve shared beautiful moments like bringing in two amazing children into the world, but they’ve also had some rocky moments that they displayed to the world. 

Safaree filed for divorce earlier this year and announced it on social media. He later apologized to Erica, and they tried to make amends. The relationship seemed like it hit its last bumpy road after Erica claimed Safaree abandoned their family while pregnant with their second child. Everything was captured on the new season of Love and Hip Hop, and some people felt Safaree was wrong for how he treated Erica, even his mother. He was also accused of being a deadbeat dad, but he “proved” that he wasn’t. 

In September, Erica filed for divorce. However, a few weeks ago, Safaree gave Erica diamonds for her 34th birthday. She jokingly said she was pregnant again with his baby. They were also spotted dancing and having a good time.

On Erica’s social media, she posted a meme that suggests she may want to have a fresh start with Safaree. The meme said, “my baby daddy was right; these n*ggas do not love me.” Erica added, “nah this the one” on her IG story. Take a look at a screengrab captured by the Neighborhood Talk Blog: