Eve Collabs With Award-Winning Journalist Kathy Iandoli On New Memoir, ‘Who’s That Girl?

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Eve was a trailblazing hip-hop artist who was the first lady of Ruff Ryders. She was also the third female rapper to top the Billboard 200 with her debut album and the first female rapper to win a Grammy for Best Rap-Sung Collaboration. The pioneer is releasing her first memoir. The news was announced on Wednesday morning (Feb. 7) by People.

The memoir titled Who’s That Girl? will delve into the rise to stardom of a 45-year-old female entertainer, her impact on pop culture and music, and her struggle to balance personal and professional life. The book will detail Eve’s association with Ruff Ryders and the creation of her “Eve of Destruction” persona. She can’t wait to share behind-the-scenes stories of her interactions with big names in a male-dominated industry.

“I’m excited for people to get to know me on a deeper level,” Eve shared in a statement. “This story is decades in the making.”

Eve Jihan Jeffers, now Cooper, grew up in West Philadelphia’s Mill Creek Projects. Through music, Eve escaped her struggles for superstardom including four albums, 15 films, an Emmy-nominated talk show, and influenced a generation of female recording artists.

The memoir will reveal the struggles she faced amidst her success, including a highly publicized romance and fertility issues on the path to motherhood.

Kathy Iandoli, an award-winning journalist and author, is collaborating with Eve on the memoir. She’s written for notable publications including Billboard, Rolling Stone, and VIBE. Iandoli authored God Save the Queens and Baby Girl: Better Known As Aailyah. And with Eve’s Who’s That Girl?, Iandoli has two upcoming books: Lil’ Kim’s The Queen Bee and King of New York: A Mafia Tale.

Iandoli has been a frequent guest on Hot 97 with her most recent interview in August 2021. Iandoli discussed Aaliyah’s legacy, music, fashion, and cleared up rumors about her untimely passing and marriage to R. Kelly while promoting Baby Girl: Better Known As Aaliyah on Ebro in the Morning. The full interview is available below.

Eve’s memoir, Who’s That Girl?, will be released through Hanover Square Press on Sept. 17, 2024.