Eve Opens Up About Feeling Snubbed By Lil Kim In The Past

Rapper Eve attends the after party for the debut of Janet Jackson's residency "Metamorphosis" at On The Record Speakeasy and Clu

photo credit: Gabe Ginsberg /  Getty Images

Before there was unity, there was a little tension.

The First Lady of the Ruff Ryders, Eve, recalls a time where she felt like Lil Kim threw her a little shade. Back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Eve was just a young girl trying to make her mark on the hip-hop world. In a male-dominated industry, it was natural for any female artist to feel like they would be embraced by other female artist. 

“Before I’d met anybody, I always thought of [female rappers in the industry&#93 as this sisterhood,” Eve  tells The Guardian. “I thought we were all gonna be friends. It was not like that. I’d see [Lil&#93 Kim and say hi, and she’d be like: ‘Get the fuck away from me.’ Not verbally – you could just tell what she was thinking. But I was in a bubble and it never felt like a competition. I loved Missy [Elliott&#93 and Kim but I never wanted to be them.”

It seems like we still have a lot of work to do in within the female artist community, but we’ve come a lot further. “Sometimes, I’m apprehensive because the industry has changed so much. What does that mean for an artist from the time I come from – are people going to care?” 

After 6 years, Eve has released a new single, titled “Reload!”