Everything That Went Down During The Rick Ross And 2 Chainz VERZUZ Battle

(Photo by Johnny Nunez/VMN18/Getty Images)|

Tonight’s VERZUZ’s battle between Rick Ross and 2 Chainz proved that it’s more than just a battle. It’s a celebration and a vibe. During this battle, despite the multiple interruptions, both rappers went hit after hit.  They also dropped some surprises for viewers and more. Take a look at what went down during tonight’s VERZUZ.

  1. Rick Ross shows 2 Chainz love and gives him a special gift.
  2. 2 Chainz gives a live performance of “I’m different”.
  3. Rick Ross and 2 Chainz refer to strippers as Essential Workers. 2 Chainz would later bring out live strippers during “Bandz will make her dance’ and paid them for their services.
  4. Both rappers showed their gratitude to Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. 
  5. Ross pulls the ultimate boss move and receives a personal massage leaving 2 Chainz shocked. 
  6. Both rappers pay homage to Breonna Taylor #SayHerName.
  7. Dj Khaled announces that he is working on a new album and says that he has a surprise while Ross played “I’m on One”.
  8. They both played new singles from their upcoming album. 2 Chainz played “Moneymaker “ featuring Lil Wayne from his upcoming album “So Help Me God” and Rick Ross played “Pin Me To The Cross”. Both singles are available on all streaming services.
  9. Fans called for a Meek vs. Jeezy VERZUZ battle in the comments. 

Should Meek and Jeezy have a VERZUZ battle?