Faizon Love & DeRay Davis Keep It ALL The Way Real w/ Ebro in the Morning [VIDEO]

Hot 97 Ebro in the Morning Faizon & Deray

Comedians Faizon Love and DeRay Davis came up to Hot 97 for a conversation about their separate incidents at airports, Spike Lee, Donald Trump and more.

Love recently reached headlines after having an altercation with one of the workers at an airport. Instead of actually hitting him he said he used “martial arts.”

“If I would’ve hit him,” he said. “I would have smashed him.”

Meanwhile, DeRay who is the new host of Hip Hop Squares after Rosenberg hosted the first season, had his own incident at a Waffle House where a man made him stay in a line where there wasn’t one. Both comedians incidents happened in Columbus, Ohio.

“Dude was trying to punk me at Waffle House,” he said. “There was no line, dude said there’s a line now.”

Faizon Love also had some very strong and controversial words for director Spike Lee.

They both also discussed Donald Trump, sexual partners, their memories in New York City, and much more.

Watch the full interview below.