Fans Not Happy With Meek Mill After He Suggested Lil Uzi Has A Baby With A ‘Rich B*tch/Queen’

(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Fans are not too pleased with Meek Mill after he suggest Lil Uzi has a baby with a “rich b*tch/queen.”

Lil Uzi took to Twitter to share that he “only love” himself, and Meek Mill had a solution for that. Meek jumped on Twitter and responded to fellow Philly rapper, “have a baby lol.”

Lil Uzi is said to be dating rapper JT, but neither of the two confirmed that relationship yet. Uzi asked Meek “with who?” In response to the baby suggestion. Meek says, “a rich b*tch/queen.”

Fans weren’t happy with Meek’s advice, one social media writes, “everybody don’t want kids and people need to stop forcing that on others..”