Fans Shocked After New Picture Of Pooh Shiesty In Jail Surfaces

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

New pictures of Pooh Shiesty behind bars surfaces.

The “Back in Blood” rapper was originally facing a life sentence, but now reportedly is facing 8 years after pleading guilty to one charge.

It was reported that the rapper ‘snitched’ but according to a lengthy Instagram post from him, those rumors are untrue. “‘Omertà.’ It will never show in no paper that I set down with the government and gave a statement on no one on the case for something in return in that case I will not be here,” said Pooh on Instagram last week. “A factual proffer is not a government proffer where the weak will sit down and tell they sole. No the difference before you use my name in vein.”

Fans are surprised at Shiesty’s new loo as he usually rocks a clean cut on, and very little facial hair.