Fans Shocked After Throwback Pictures Of Iggy Azalea Surfaces Online: ‘Totally Different Person’

(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

Iggy Azalea’s throwback pictures surfaced online, and fans are in shocked.

Iggy is making headlines again. We previously reported that the rapper was called out by social media for her latest video, “I Am The Stripclub.”

In the video, fans noticed that the Australian-born rapper’s appearance looked different. Social media began to call her out for “blackfishing” when they noticed that her skin tone was a few shades darker than she is.  The term blackfishing was coined by hip-hop journalist, Wanna Thompson and she defines it as “the phenomenon of non-Black influencers and public figures using bronzer, tanning, Photoshop, or even cosmetic surgery to change their looks to appear Black or mixed race.”

Now, fans are saying Azalea looks “totally different” after pictures of her at a seemingly younger age was shared online. One fan notes, “this is beyond a “glow up”…this is pure witchcraft lmao!”

Take a look at the before and after pictures below.