Fans Think Kendrick Lamar May Be Dissing Big Sean In This Resurfaced Snippet [AUDIO]

Kendrick Lamar on stage

Photo credit: Santiago Bluguermann /  Getty Images 


A snippet has been surfacing the internet and has fans wondering if rapper Kendrick Lamar is taking aim at Big Sean?


The audio that has been circulating- is only an 11 second clip, but fans have concluded that the Compton native was firing at Detroit’s very own. “I think his false confidence got him inspired/I can’t make them respect ya baby it’s not my job / You finally famous for who you date not how your rhyme,” Kendrick raps on the snippet. 


Now let’s break this down real quick, “Finally famous” was Big Sean’s mixtape title. Kendrick then continues to talk about the only reason this person is famous is because the people they are dating and not because of rhyme skills. Big Sean is known to go out with some top notch celebrities such as Naya Rivera, Ariana Grande and Jhene Aiko who hold weight in the industry. 


It’s understandable why the fans would assume that it’s about Big Sean. Though the snippet may be old, should Big Sean respond?


Things might get a little heated.